McLennan & McFeely 1908-1914 Catalogue (update)

Railroad wheelbarrows from McLennan and McFeely catalogue.

I posted previously about this excellent resource which the City of Vancouver Archives has put online: the McLennan and McFeely catalogue of industrial, farm and fishing equipment, 1908-1914.  In that post, I moaned a little about how nice it would be to be able to download a single PDF of all 1400+ pages.  To my delight and happiness (and surprise, I must admit, because it can have been no trivial task) Sue Bigelow of the  Archives has posted a note indicating that they have now made such a document available for download (link in upper right hand corner of this page).  It is 270 megs, but I have it now and what an amazing resource.  Thanks so much to Sue and to the City of Vancouver Archives – as I said, this is potentially a huge aid for historical archaeologists and indeed any archaeologist who encounters historical debris.


3 responses to “McLennan & McFeely 1908-1914 Catalogue (update)

  1. I have an original of this catalog, any idea on the value?


  2. Hi justin,

    Sorry, not really. Now there is a PDF online, the “need it for work” market may have dried up. A bookstore like the Haunted Bookshop in Sidney, BC might be able to give you an idea.

    At 1400 pages (is yours that long?) and as ephemera, it would be worth considering donating to a local historical museum, perhaps, who might give you a tax receipt for its commerical value.


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