Dan Leen’s Petroglyph Page

Heiltsuk Petroglyphs including 2-headed Salmon Spirit

Heiltsuk Petroglyphs including 2-headed "Salmon Spirit"

I was just looking for a picture of a labret and instead found that Dan Leen has a nice page on NW petroglyphs, with lots of superb pictures and action shots of him recording rock art.  I haven’t seen Dan for quite a while, but we spent 10 weeks together on his 30 foot Trimaran “Teredo n.” back in the early 1980s, recording rock art in the Douglas Channel area.  A great trip all around.  I remember spotting this fantastic pictograph near Kemano, before breakfast one day, boat-made bread in one hand, hot coffee in another – I am pretty sure I took the picture since it was just Dan and me on Das Boot for quite some time. Dan is not the most silent guy in the world, and I heard a lot of great stories about his cabin in the Brook’s range of Alaska, his Hobo days, and so forth — so it is extra fun to see pictures of these places and times.  Dan is the most meticulous rock art researcher I have ever worked with, and it is great to see him putting some of his files, and insight online.

Oh yeah, I found the picture of the labret – one of these, almost identical, came out of my unit this afternoon.

3 responses to “Dan Leen’s Petroglyph Page

  1. I am greatly flattered to know that my former deckhand is now a guiding light of NW coast archaeology. I will have to cop a plea to being loquacious on our rock art expedition in 1984; lots of “sea stories” but no internet back in those days… I hope to stop in Victoria next time I’m in town to see what Dr. M is up to.
    Dan (briefly in Calgary)


  2. It is Rare as Sasquatch Teeth so, Readers Behold: a sighting of Seldom Seen Dan Leen!

    Dan, good to hear from you and yes, if you are ever in Victoria, let me know and we can grab a coffee and apple pie. That is to say, meet for breakfast, Teredo style.


  3. LOL the Heiltsuk Petroglyphs over the 1916 carving .. nice touch .. personally would of believed the Salmon spirit if there was a tin can or even a beard on the faces .. pity the carving was done better in 1916 😛 thanks for the laugh ! 🙂


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