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Dan Leen’s Petroglyph Page

Heiltsuk Petroglyphs including 2-headed Salmon Spirit

Heiltsuk Petroglyphs including 2-headed "Salmon Spirit"

I was just looking for a picture of a labret and instead found that Dan Leen has a nice page on NW petroglyphs, with lots of superb pictures and action shots of him recording rock art.  I haven’t seen Dan for quite a while, but we spent 10 weeks together on his 30 foot Trimaran “Teredo n.” back in the early 1980s, recording rock art in the Douglas Channel area.  A great trip all around.  I remember spotting this fantastic pictograph near Kemano, before breakfast one day, boat-made bread in one hand, hot coffee in another – I am pretty sure I took the picture since it was just Dan and me on Das Boot for quite some time. Dan is not the most silent guy in the world, and I heard a lot of great stories about his cabin in the Brook’s range of Alaska, his Hobo days, and so forth — so it is extra fun to see pictures of these places and times.  Dan is the most meticulous rock art researcher I have ever worked with, and it is great to see him putting some of his files, and insight online.

Oh yeah, I found the picture of the labret – one of these, almost identical, came out of my unit this afternoon.