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Archives of “The Native Voice”

Native Voice banner

2018 edit: it appears the PDFs are now only available through the Internet Archive here.

The Native Voice is the official organ of the Native Brotherhood of British Columbia, an organization which has been active since 1931 and continues to do good work, especially in relation to aboriginal fishing rights, and aboriginal fishers themselves.  The NBBC has put PDF copies of  many editions of the Native Voice online from the years 1947-1955.  These archived issues offer a fascinating glimpse into the the mid-20th century state of First Nations politics, and everyday life besides.

To the right, for example, click on the text image to go to an issue wherein the NBBC riffs (positively, in this case) on  a Ruth Benedict article.

The Dionysians Strike Back

The Dionysians Strike Back

It is rare to see such responses (positive or negative) to the Anthropological Literature. Scroll lower in that article for 1947 ‘News from Ahousat”, a statement on segregation in PRince Rupert cinemas, and an odd “humour” column which seems rather offensive and patronizing in retrospect.    I am looking forward to trawling, or trolling, through these archives as the days go by.  Kudos to the NBBC for not only putting these documents online, but for the excellent, clear digitization — clearly someone took care making these files.