Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

No Guts No Glory

Chuckchu women inflating walrus intestines, 1917. Source: ADA

I’ve linked before to Tim Rast’s excellent blog ‘Elfshot’, which chronicles his work in Newfoundland, making replications and experimental archaeology for love, and money. Or, as he puts it, “Making a living as a 21st Century Flintknapper.” You can buy some of his superb work here and also browse part of his impressive back-catalogue of reproductions here.

Recently Tim has been going beyond the call of duty with a fantastic series of detailed, superbly illustrated (for the strong of stomach – photos and videos) on preparing the hide of a hooded seal, and the associated fun of processing its intestines for technological projects.  I urge you to go read them in their entirety over at his blog.

Seal intestines were, of course useful for any number of tasks.

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