Leland Gilsen’s Archaeology of Oregon

Replica of a Clatsop House.

Replica of a Clatsop House.

Leland Gilsen, former State Archaeologist of Oregon has a pretty impressive website.   His extensive notes on aboriginal house styles are particularly worth a read — well referenced, well illustrated, and thoughtful, and he reproduces a lot of plan diagrams from the grey literature.  He also has good pages on “pyroculture” (deliberate landscape burning), and extensive notes and commentary on culture history, through a culture-ecological lens.  His image-rich virtual museum is a fun and educational slideshow.  Hmmm, someone should do a site like this for BC, or Vancouver Island at least.  Dr. Gilsen seems like a proud processualist of the Arizona school (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and a serious scholar.  At first glance, this web site could easily be used as an undergraduate textbook for a course on the Archaeology of Oregon.  Hats off, if I see you at NWAC, first beer is on me.

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