Back! Almost…

Landing craft picking up the last of the UVIC-GINPR archaeology fieldschool from Princess Bay on Portland Island.

OK, enough late summer lounging: I think it is time to be making a few posts on this blog.  I can’t guarantee super-reliable service but will try to drag up some interesting links for the perusal of my seven readers.  While I was gone, WordPress unexpectedly changed the “theme” (template) of this blog and in the process destroyed a bunch of drafts I had made, which might be just as well overall, though annoying nonetheless.  I’m going to start by answering a few, but probably not all, of the comments people have left in the last month.

7 responses to “Back! Almost…

  1. Glad to see you’re back! I suspect you have a large number of interested/amused readers, but we’re mostly taciturn types and just read your stuff and forward to other people and never let you know.

    If you ever decide to go International, let us know. There would certainly be a crowd (okay, maybe smallish, but still a crowd) to see you in person in Bellingham.

    A Faithful Reader


  2. Odd, just yesterday I made my first enquiry regarding your whereabouts; good to see the blog back in business. Ha, a Q Mackie road trip for groupies, that should be interesting!


  3. At last! I’ve missed you, qmackie. Have been haunting your site, hoping for your return. Welcome home, welcome back. Please blog.


  4. Nancy – hi, thanks! Well, the Moat of Georgia is wide and deep, but you never know. Is there an archaeological association in Bellingham?

    Morley, yes “a road trip for groupies” would be “interesting”, if by that you mean much like your own legendary experiences with groupies (*cough Spuzzum 1979 cough*).

    Gabriolan! nice to hear from you, I’ll try to be semi-regular but also have to tend to the garden of my day job, which is weedy and dank. Your blog is, as always, fun and inspiring.


  5. Richelle Giberson

    Hi there,

    I stumbled across your blog while reading another one about the Yakima looting conviction. I thought you might be interested in a meeting I’m putting together with retired UBC prof R.G. Matson, and a group of other interested parties. Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. The meeting will be on Tues., Sept. 28th at 1:00 pm. The topics we will be covering is the Glenrose Cannery and St. Mungos sites.

    Please do get in touch.



  6. You can contact me thru my website email regarding the Glenrose and St Mungo sites Richelle.


  7. Spuzzum 1979? I don’t remember that at all…………………..

    Rachel, I’d like to hear more about the meeting. Use my contact in blue (bottom) to right to email me.


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