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The Hallmark Society sponsored a nice blog called “From the Islander” through the summer of 2010.  This is a retrospective set of commentaries about excerpts from the weekend newspaper insert “The Islander”, which used to be published in the Victoria Daily Colonist and the Victoria Times-Colonist.  There’s not any archaeology that I have seen, and surprisingly (or not) there is no coverage of First Nations, but all the same it is an interesting read if you have a shine for Vancouver Island history, and a well-done, informative blog.  Apparently the Hallmark Society (or the blogger, who goes by wpbradley and was their summer student intern) has digitized a fair bit of The Islander and indexed it here – though full text is not available for the most part.

2 responses to ““From the Islander” blog

  1. I wrote that blog, and would like to note that First Nations related content in the Islander was indeed fairly scarce. With the exception of a few articles that were extremely lengthy, and some short pieces on collections at the RBCM, nothing noteworthy came up.

    If anyone wants to access the full texts of any of the articles, they can access original copies of the Islander downtown at the Hallmark Societies’ office.


  2. Hi Patrick “WP” Bradley,

    Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me about the FN deficit.. I remember reading the Islander as a kid and it was full of stories of historical picnics and whatnot. I think you did a great job pulling out interesting material and providing an envelope of interest context around each piece. The whole run of the Islander though could be analysed as a colonial discourse enacted through an eclectic newspaper insert. That is, the whole could be greater than the sum of the parts. It’d make a good topic for a PhD student probably.

    Good to know the copies are available, thanks for that.


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