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Fieldschool Update, and Public Lectures

Screenshot of Times Colonist article - click to go to the story.

I am in town briefly and see the Time-Colonist has an article and photo gallery about the UVIC-Parks Canada archaeological fieldschool in the Gulf Islands.  It’s a pretty good article with some nice quotes from the students about their experience, and which emphasizes how threatened some archaeological sites are.  It would have been nice to see more acknowledgment of local First Nations and of the hard work Parks Canada’s liaison team is doing to help build relationships around cultural resource management.  It’s very early days for the field school but in the medium term it hopes to be of service to First Nations and their archaeological questions and concerns. A big part of that is the specific focus on archaeological site assessment and management skills being taught by the course instructor, Dr Duncan McLaren, and another big part is the presence of paid First Nations interns who will be taking the field school – only one this year but more in the future it is hoped.  Anyway, the article tells part of the story very effectively and the reporter and photographer had an interesting time with the fieldschool and vice versa.

In related news, I’ll be giving a public talk about Salish Sea archaeology with a fieldschool update this Friday July 30 on Pender Island at 7.00 in the Anglican Hall.  Then, my mini road trip takes me to Saturna Island on July 31 for a talk at 7.30 at the Community Hall.  Otherwise, there probably will be no updates here until the middle of August.

Times-Colonist screenshot - click to go to story.

Going to ground, again

UVIC's own Roughage going to ground at the newly discovered, exciting "Kilgii Channel" site, while Swiffer models trendy "Howler'sReady(tm) duct-taped boot

Well, my ten days in town between projects turned out to be more like a few days in town, after I complacently relaxed for a couple of days then caught a horrible summertime flu, getting back healthy just in time to spend a few days running around madly to help prepare for the UVIC fieldschool.  *phew*

So the blog will stay on hiatus for a another four weeks after which time I hope to have no excuses! Sara Perry will once again kindly stomp out spam, when not stamping out misconceptions via her summer field work at Çatalhöyük

By the way, if you live on Pender Island or Saturna Island, I will be giving public lectures there on the evenings of July 30th and 31st respectively.  Look out for posters and I will try to make an announcement even though I’ll be on an island with limited presence on the grid.

A massive sneeze, or summertime boating off Cape St. James?