Hoko River pictures

Hoko barbed wooden point.

Hoko barbed wooden point.

Edited Feb 17/2010: Fixed the broken links.

October 2018: Hoko pictures are now here.

So, a new school year beckons.  Erk.  As a distraction, treat yourself to the huge photo library of the Hoko River site which was put online by Dale Croes.  A few dead links in there, but some pictures of fantastic artifacts, plus a sense of the project unfolding – slug fest included, as well as a visit from Hoko Site patron and “Clan of the Cave Bear Author” Jean Auel. The pictures are dusty, scanned-in transparencies (I think) which retain sense of nostalgia and the quiet punchiness of colour us old farts remember as fondly as we do the occasional upside-down slide at conferences.   I’ll probably occasionally use the Hoko site as the basis for future posts here.  On the left, a substantial barbed wooden(!!) point from the 2400 year old wet site deposits.

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  1. Sandy Brown, MS, CHSP, CHEP

    Hey Ricky Hoff! You are a hottie! Love, Sandy Brown


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