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Vancouver Public Library Archives


"Archaeologists at Beach Grove, 1962"

The Vancouver Public Library has a nice collection of historical photos online, though the resolution is not great.  Interestingly, there are a number of historical archaeology pictures I had never seen before.   I’m sure someone knows these faces, presumably they include Duff and Borden?  Another picture from Beach Grove (map) shows someone sitting at an ASAB desk (Archaeological Sites Advisory Board).  When surveying at the Milliken Site in about 1986 I remember finding an old desk that was presumably Borden’s – reputedly he had a desk at his digs.  Also, there was a bookshelf out there, in the middle of the woods above the tracks.  The VPL site also has a few pictures of the Eburne (Marpole) midden, including this disturbing closeup one of the human remains visible in the link above.

You can go here and enter the search term “archaeol*”