Going Off The Grid

The Grid?

Well, sadly I am going more or less completely “off the grid” for about 10 days so with the possible exception of next Saturday there won’t be any new posts.  Regular blogsitter, and soon to be Dr, Sara Perry, will be in residence swatting spam with the same effortless,  graceful savagery she uses on her intellectual foes.  Sara’s current project, a mini-conference on Visual Archaeology at Southampton in the UK, is worth a look.

Speaking of Visual Archaeology, I leave you with the image above.   First correct answer posted below as to what it represents, and which site it is, wins 10,000 blog bragging points and a pint of beer if they are ever in the Velvet Rut, or Blog World Headquarters.  I’ll make a post on the study when I get back.  If you’re jonesin’ for some NW Coast Archaeology, check out the archives from the selection to the right, or try a random post.

8 responses to “Going Off The Grid

  1. Electro-sensitivity, Bridge River site?


  2. Charlie Comstock

    Mima Mounds, Thurston County, Washington?


  3. I’d guess Keatley Creek? Is that too obvious?


  4. I agree with Mad Dog – Its the terrace above Bridge River village, where Prentisse et al have been conducting their research. (but the Dog wins, darn) If its not, then its another pit house village site. We were lucky enough to visit the Bridge River, Prentisse, and the U of Montana gang 3 times in May 09, with the SFU Kamloops field school. Really cool products coming out of that research.


  5. Hmmm, could be that big site on the left between Bell Site and Bridge River Site. He wants the technique as well, I think it might be Soil Resistivity too. Mad Dog Wins!!!???


  6. Yeah I was going to say Bridge River site too having visited there during 2009 as well. Fun project. And the velvet rut sounds so….cosy. Kudos MadDog


  7. Bridge River Site: Vertical Magnetic Gradient


  8. bbster is correct – I’ll make a post about this cool work more in the days to come…


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