Daily Archives: October 12, 2010

Going Off The Grid

The Grid?

Well, sadly I am going more or less completely “off the grid” for about 10 days so with the possible exception of next Saturday there won’t be any new posts.  Regular blogsitter, and soon to be Dr, Sara Perry, will be in residence swatting spam with the same effortless,  graceful savagery she uses on her intellectual foes.  Sara’s current project, a mini-conference on Visual Archaeology at Southampton in the UK, is worth a look.

Speaking of Visual Archaeology, I leave you with the image above.   First correct answer posted below as to what it represents, and which site it is, wins 10,000 blog bragging points and a pint of beer if they are ever in the Velvet Rut, or Blog World Headquarters.  I’ll make a post on the study when I get back.  If you’re jonesin’ for some NW Coast Archaeology, check out the archives from the selection to the right, or try a random post.