Daily Archives: October 24, 2010


Is this laptop even turned on? Actually, yes, I got a lot of work done.

Well, I am back from my twin trips away from blogland and it’ll be time for new posts soon.  First, a necessary update: the winner of the snap quiz (name the site, and the technique used to produce the map) is the mysteriously anonymous  “bbster“,  for answering the Bridge River Site and use of magnetometry.  It’ll be hard to hit me up for the beer anonymously, bbster, but perhaps if you bought me quite a few first then my memory would fade anyways.  Use the 10,000 blog bragging points wisely!  Poster “Mad Dog” came close, and quickly, for Bridge River site but “Electro-Sensitivity” is sadly inaccurate.  The image is from a recent progress report on a multiyear project at that site near Lillooet, directed by Dr Anna Prentiss from the University of Montana, and as promised I will post more on that soon. In the meantime I will chip away at some comments left over the past few weeks.

It's definitely not turned on in this picture. Note the side-by-side coffee and wine options.