Death of Richard Antoun

Professor Richard Antoun. via ZeroAnthropology.

It was very disturbing to hear of the violent death of SUNY-Binghamton Anthropology Professor Emeritus Richard Antoun yesterday.  Professor Antoun was stabbed in his office by a graduate student, apparently one who had done poorly on their candidacy exams.  I’ve known some tightly wrapped graduate students, but the idea one of them could pull out a knife and stab me to death is, uh, “worrisome”.  Professor Antoun was a close friend of my current boss, and my heart goes out to her as well.  There is a pretty full roundup of this terrible news and an euology from a former student over at ZeroAnthropology.

One response to “Death of Richard Antoun

  1. This has not really sunk in yet, it’s as if it were a story about someone else, someone I never met. I find it impossible to believe. I hope that soon we will learn what was going on in the mind of his murderer.

    Many thanks for the link.


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