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Grover Krantz

Dr Krantz, a professor of Anthropology at WASU, was best known in NW Anthropology circles for his Sasquatch research.  The reputation he gained from this unorthodox pursuit followed him to his involvement with the Kennewick Man case.  Now I find out, via John Hawks, that Grover Krantz was “buried” in a drawer at the Smithsonian Institution, along with his dogs.  The Washington Post has an article and jawdropping slideshow of Krantz’s  skeleton mounted and on display at the Smithsonian, along with his dog, Clyde.  (This older article has some nice background and a picture of Grover and Clyde at rest in their usual home).  Is it any wonder  Umatilla eyebrows were raised about his Kennewick involvement and resistance to repatriation of human remains?