Tongass Timeline

Detail of diorama of Paleomarine Period, Southeast Alaska. Source: Tongass NF

The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska has a lot of interesting stuff online.  I’ve just found they have a cool set of dioramas illustrating different time periods from the last 10,000 years of human history (scroll to the bottom of this page).  These start with the palaeomarine period, about 10,000 years, a section of which is seen above.  Some of it is conjectural of course and I am not going to go to the wall defending its veracity, but I do appreciate the National Forest making an effort to present the past in an accessible way.

Detail of Developmental period in Southeast Alaska. Source: Tongass NF

The pictures are not great resolution and of course they adhere closely to a sort of totalizing tradition in illustration, in which everyone is doing everything that ever was done, all at once.  But they are effective and evocative.

The Tongass NF also has some online information on technology through time, a concise timeline, as well as a short but useful page on archaeological stewardship: what to do if you find a site.  If you look on the left and right sides of a page like this one you will find a number of links to short pages about Tongass Archaeology, a few of which I have linked to before.  So, the site is not that clearly organized but there is a lot to browse around there.  I don’t know much about the “National Forests” in the USA but power to them for taking an interest in archaeology and aboriginal history.

Microblade core. Source: Tongass NF

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