Fieldwork Picture of the Day 2

Daryl watching the tide flow at Kilgii Gwaay.

Daryl watching the tide flow at Kilgii Gwaay.

Another fieldwork picture form the archives. This shows Daryl watching the tide come into our units at Kilgii Gwaay (map) – this is Operation 8a and 8b, if I recall, from 2001.  At first we tried to completely dig out a unit during a single tide window but this was quite rushed, and limiting.  So we tried lining the units with bubblewrap and then just before the tide reached them we would pump them full of water (hose into a bucket in the bottom of the unit) to provide outwards pressure on the sidewalls and to prevent erosion of the unit edge.  This actually worked really well: for the most part the units survived the tidal change and could be pumped out with no trouble.

2 responses to “Fieldwork Picture of the Day 2

  1. Dear Sirs, My name is Mark Harris, a resident of the Quinault area on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula. I have had a life time interest in archaeology. I have come across some pieces that could be of interest to your expertise. These artifacts were found in glacier silt/clay river bank on the lower Quinault river close to an area where a Mammoth jaw bone and tusk were found. I have several photos of the pieces that should be looked into. Let me know if you would like to see these and I will send them immediately.

    Sincerely Yours,



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