ASBC Victoria, September Meeting: The Spanish at Yuquot: Santa Cruz de Nutka

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.51.20 PMThe Archaeological Society of BC winter lecture series kicks off this Tuesday September 27th at the University of Victoria, with a talk by Dr.Pablo Restrepo-Gautier from UVIC’s Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.  Note that the talk is in a new room compared to last year: Cornett A129 – same building but on the south side.  The text of the invite is below.  The talk is free and open to the public.  Prior to the meeting the ASBC will hold a short AGM.

Details of the talk are below:

Santa Cruz de Nutka (1789-1794), a Spanish settlement at Yuquot on Mowachaht territory, was founded to alert other European nations and the newly formed United States to Spanish sovereignty on the northwest coast of America. It also marked the beginning of colonialism in the area, although Spain was to fully withdraw from the area as a colonial power in 1796. This talk will address the history (foundation, construction and maintenance) of this Spanish outpost on Nootka Island.

Bio: Pablo Restrepo-Gautier is an Associate Professor in Hispanic and Italian Studies at the University of Victoria. He is a textual and literary scholar specializing in 17th-century Spanish literature. He has also been undertaking textual scholarship on the manuscripts from the Spanish presence in the Pacific Northwest. His most recent project includes a comparison of Captain Esteban Martínez’s 1789 logbook, a key document of the Nootka crisis, and the diary of Fray Francisco Miguel Sánchez, an accompanying Franciscan priest.

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