Archaeological project blog from shíshálh territory

    Archaeologists in shíshálh territory using iPads during excavation. Source:

Archaeologists in shíshálh territory using iPads during excavation. Source:

Last summer we had a good discussion of the vast number of beads coming from some human burials being excavated in shíshálh territory (Sechelt). Tose finds are part of a larger joint research program between the shíshálh Nation, National Museum of Civilization, and the University of Toronto, which has resumed and has a blog.

There’s been some local news coverage of the project (e.g., here and here).  iThe site which is the focus of the project is 4 to 5,000 years old and certainly the “bead burials” have the potential to really significantly add to knowledge of NW Coast culture history – so-called “cultural complexity” arriving earlier than archaeologists might have accounted for.  (He writes, carefully staying off his favourite hobby horse).  It’s notable to see the strong First Nations support for what is  a potentially-delicate project so much credit to all parties concerned.

It’d be nice if the project blog updated more often but I’m in  a glass house on that score!  Still, with all the iPads in use in the trenches, maybe minor blog updates or a “find of the day” post could be delegated to the First Nations, student, or professional archaeologists involved.

Blog world headquarters is moving east for a while, not sure if there will be any updates from there.  If there are, they’ll be through Rosé coloured glasses.

Unilaterally-barbed bone point. Source:

Unilaterally-barbed bone point. Source:

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  1. There is also a brief video clip from BCTV about this summers field work.


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