Northwest Anthropological Conference 2013 – Portland March 27-30

View of reconstructed Cathlapotle Chinookan Plankhouse relatively close to Portland.

View of reconstructed Cathlapotle Chinookan Plankhouse relatively close to Portland. Click for source.

The 2013 Northwest Anthropology conference is coming up soon at the end of March, but it’s not too late to submit a symposium proposal (deadline January 28th) or contribute a paper (deadline February 8th).

NWAC is always an excellent conference which draws on Anthropology broadly but with a hefty dose of archaeology, sometimes mostly archaeology.  I’ve noticed in the past it also draws a lot of participation from Tribal and First Nations groups, from consulting and government archaeologists, interested laypeople, as well as academics of all levels from undergrads to retirees.  In that sense it is far more multi-vocal than the “really big conferences” tend to be.  It also has a tradition of very reasonable fees and hotel rates and this year is no exception.  Add on Portland’s status as microbrewery capital of (probably) the entire world and what’s not to like?

The conference is hosted by the excellent Department of Anthropology at Portland State University, with lead organization apparently by occasional blog commenter (and Professor Emeritus) Ken Ames.

The Canadian Archaeological Association conference is also coming up locally in May (at Whistler), so more on that in due course, but just for now, the call for sessions is open until January 31st.

2 responses to “Northwest Anthropological Conference 2013 – Portland March 27-30

  1. Thanks for all those kind words and plugs: for the conference, the city and the PSU Anthropology Dept. Anyone one wanting information on registration, hotel rooms etc please go this web site. I’m looking forward to lots of folks coming south.




  2. I got an email about the student paper competition associated with NWAC, so thought I would post it here. :

    We invite students participating in the Northwest Anthropological conference to submit their paper for the student paper competition. There will be two awards, one for the best graduate student paper and another for the best undergraduate paper. Each winner will receive a $150.00 cash prize and the winning papers will be published in the Journal of Northwest Anthropology. We have extended the deadline for student paper competition submissions for the Northwest Anthropological Conference. Papers are now due February 22nd. Interested students can find more information on the conference website ( ).

    Thanks for sharing this announcement with students who may be interested in the paper competition.


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