NE BC Archaeology Videos

Click to play video.

Click on the picture above to see a short video of an archaeologist working with Nenan Dane-zaa elders and youth, near Fort St. John.  It’s a nice example of some community archaeology by an unidentified archaeologist who appears to go by the name “Frank”.

Of course the weather in Northeastern B.C. is not always so sunny and warm, and yet (as we discussed a few weeks ago) archaeology continues or even accelerates in the winter months.

Use of a concrete saw in winter time BC archaeology. Click to play video (turn your speakers down).

The very short video above effectively gets across the flavour and unique sensorium of the power concrete saw in frozen terrain.  Click on the image below for a nice panorama of some typical working conditions, including someone wielding a shovel – apparently you have to work your way up to the power equipment, or bribe the kapo, perhaps.  I hear the rations are good and the minimum one year sentence passes quickly, especially if a lifer takes you under the wing.

Winter time archaeology in BC. Source: user Ivan Denisovich.

If you need uplifting after reading this, then of course you can be inspired by UBC’s Finest.

5 responses to “NE BC Archaeology Videos

  1. Unfortunately I can’t play the video because there is no YouTube or other fun sites allowed in my workplace however I would bet the archaeologist pictured is Frank Craig…of Archer formerly Traces.


  2. mberkey: do you mean to suggest that this site is not fun enough to be blocked at work? Gosh. I may have to start posting more dirt.


  3. More dirt…you are funny. Yes, somehow this continues to slip through the ever-narrowing crack maintained by our humourless IT folk. Please never title the posts with words like “phallus” or heaven forbid “balls” and we should be good for a while.


  4. I’ll do my best, but those posts keep popping up.


  5. mberkey would have won something if someone had bet against her … 🙂 It is in fact Frank Craig, near a place called Bear Flats overlooking the Peace River. Permit 2009-0218.


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