Erik the Lost

Erik the Lost

More berzerkness up-island

This site contains an inspired argument that Viking Vinland, Markland and Helluland were on the NW Coast. It’s thought-through to a scary degree, in the way that magnificent obsessions often are.  Though as I always say, if something isn’t worth doing, it isn’t worth doing well. And based on my acquaintance with NW Coast Archaeology, I have to say that the theory falls down at a few key junctures.  Worse, it is part of a long-running narrative in which aboriginal people of the Americas have their finest cultural achievements taken and assigned as the work of Europeans.  See, for example, the Vikings in Minnesota theories, which argue that the great mounds of Mississippian Culture were the construction of White Men from the North.   Do the Minnesota proponents have academic arguments with the Vancouver Island proponents?  Were Vikings everywhere?  Is this a racist narrative?   Too bad all this energy is not put into something worthwhile, there is so much serious work to do.

One response to “Erik the Lost

  1. First of all excellent blog, one of the most interesting I’ve ever come across. I’m in the process of reading every single article.

    One thing with Science is it’s never fact and I’m glad there are people questioning what are essentially theories. Still it’s more of a what if scenario based on pretty much zero evidence. You can’t just look at a stone cairn and say VIKING without doing a little research first. If Vikings ever did arrive here it would have been long after the first nations people anyway negating any claim of ownership by whites.

    It’s funny because the further your travel back the less different cultures were. Eventually you get to the point where everyone is arguing over the same ancestors. One persons great x40 grandparent decided to go north while the other went east across a land bridge.

    Art & Culture is part of human nature, unless you believe aboriginal people are truly savage why would they not develop their own forms of art. If you look at early art throughout the world you can see how much of it started with a similar basic foundation and became unique as communities became unique. When people have a comfortable life, more complex art is created because there is more time spent not worrying about shelter and your next meal.


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