I hereby challenge rockwash to go out and get one of these trowel tattoos.  Or be like Brad and get the coveted Ötzi tattoo.  Or check here for more science tattoo inspiration.  (Ötzi really did have tattoos, BTW).

Icey Dead People.

2 responses to “Tattrowel

  1. Ha! The inspirational science tatoos includes a very nice depiction of Raphus cucullatus. You really are winding common threads through your blog these days.


  2. Kenneth Congrove

    I purchased a cavern stone object at a antiques and collectibles show in Portland 30 years ago. It was marketed as an Indian object that was unearthed in a farmers field in Oregon. It fits the right hand perfectly and has notches in the stone that fit thumb and fingers in a gripping configuration. It has a spoon shapped cavity that is perfect in shape and is about the size a wooden serving spoon. it is very smooth with long use. The areas still natural and rough is in the areas the palm and fingers would have not touched very often. The object is exactly 5″ X 5″ and is a trapazoid shape and is dense and weighs 1# 7.2 oz. Does anyone know what this might be has anyone ever seen such an object.


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