Scary article on overfishing

Every time I focus on this topic it has gotten incrementally worse.

2 responses to “Scary article on overfishing

  1. Apologies for this blatant attempt to redirect this thread but…
    A friend of mine from the states wants to know:

    ‘Are there any good examples of where an indigenous community in BC has used archaeological information in inform a contemporary conservation initiative? Especially relevant would be a situation in which the community/society took this action because of a certain cultural pride”

    Anyone out there have insight on this for First Nations in British Columbia? Please post a comment if so


    • Thanks Iain!
      Think of this not as redirecting the thread, but weaving on another cloth that can be used for many purposes 😉
      My question to Iain was focused on “an indigenous community in BC” because that is where he lives and works, but in fact an example from any community from anywhere would be very helpful.


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