BC Archaeology Forum 2012 is October 26-28 in Cranbrook, hosted by Ktunaxa Nation.

2012 BC Archaeology Forum Announcement screenshot

Screenshot of BC Archaeology Forum Website.

It came up in comments a week or so ago on this blog, but the annual wondering where the archaeology forum is over — it’ll be in Cranbrook October 26-28, with the main day of presentations and a dinner/drumming/dancing on Saturday the 27th. Indeed, the evening festivities are scheduled to go until 1.00 a.m., so it should be a good party.  The Sunday field trip will be to a quarry site. The Ktunaxa First Nation will be hosting, for which they deserve all our thanks.

The archaeology forum is the premiere event in BC archaeology, allowing First Nations and consulting, academic and government archaeologists to all get together in fairly informal circumstances and get caught up. It strikes me that this year there is a good chance to drag some of our American colleagues across the border from eastern Washington.

I’ve enjoyed the forums I’ve been too, though the last of those, at Musqueam, was the day before this blog went on hiatus, so there’s some mixed memories there too.  Unfortunately I’m previously committed for that weekend – which brings up my annual moan about couldn’t we set a date a few months in advance, say in May each year?  Nonetheless, thanks are due to the Ktunaxa for stepping up and I am sure it will be a big success.  Also, it looks like there are some special airfare deals referenced here.

Speaking of public events, a reminder that if you are in Victoria, then the ASBC meets tonight (Tuesday) to hear Beth Weathers on bedrock stone bowls, and next Monday noonish there is a talk in UVIC Anthropology by Eric McLay on inland shell middens in the Salish Sea (PDF).  I’ve started updating the “Events” area on the right hand column of this blog so hope to keep up with that — if you know of any relevant events, then let me know.

7 responses to “BC Archaeology Forum 2012 is October 26-28 in Cranbrook, hosted by Ktunaxa Nation.

  1. Possibly in Victoria next year? Who do I talk to about making this happen?


  2. Hi Ron,
    I’d love to see it come to Victoria! Long overdue.

    To answer your question though, it’s never been clear to me how the next venues get selected. I presume at each meeting someone lets it be known their organization/community would like to host next. I don’t know if there is a lineup for years to come — I suspect not. I think a letter from Songhees to the Ktunaxa organizers might be a good starting point.

    Maybe someone reading knows the procedure and can comment.


  3. Anyone know where and when the BC Archaeology Forum might be hosted this FALL?


  4. Hi Quentin,
    To echo Twoeyes, any info on the 2013 BC Archaeology Forum??? We are publishing the Digger (ASBC-Nanaimo newsletter) and would like to share any available details.


    • Coleen, my sense is that the forum is not happening at all this year. As much as it is a wonderful and important annual event that I have cherished attending when I’m able, I’m sure its a huge amount of taken-for-granted work to organize and put up with everyone’s gripes and last minuteness etc. I wonder what the probable absence of it this year will do raise the collective gratitude and support for those who host it next year or whether it might wither away as an annual event of significance to how and what kind of archaeology is practiced in this province.


      • Thanks 2-i’zs, if its not happening, i’d better send out the invite to my house for 3 hour slideshow of bc coastal archaeology, it’ll be a potluck, bring your own dishes and cutlery, families welcome…


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