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Speaking of Ozette: dSpace resources.

This space has recently carried a lot of items about the Ozette water-saturated site on the Olympic Peninsula,  about Makah whaling, and Queets canoes, and other wet sites in Washington State.  All archaeologists and many of the public in the … Continue reading

Memories of Ozette

The magazine of Washington State University has a nice article on the archaeological project at Ozette, the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the west side of the Olympic Peninsula.  This Makah village site was covered by a landslide about three … Continue reading

Memorial Tributes for Dr. Richard “Doc” Daugherty

Dale Croes sends along the following information: two tribute events for the late Dr. Richard Daugherty, who passed away February 22 at the age of 91. Daugherty was Professor of Archaeology at Washington State University, and is best known for … Continue reading

Final Qwu?gwes wet site report is available for download

Dale Croes kindly sent me a link to the final report for the Qwu?gwes wet site (45TN240), which is  is located on Mud Bay at the southern end of Eld Inlet, Puget Sound, near Olympia, Washington (map). The site was … Continue reading

Waatch River: a raised beach site on the Olympic Peninsula

The Waatch River flows in a low valley that connects Neah Bay across the Olympic Peninsula to Makah Bay.  When sea levels were higher, it would flood with sea water and turn Cape Flattery into an island.  Interesting, then, to … Continue reading

Webber’s House Interior: Original Watercolour

A few days ago I posted a beautiful watercolour of Nootka Sound by John Webber, artist on Cook’s third voyage.  In the ensuing discussion, it was brought up how nice it would be to see the original watercolours of more … Continue reading

Archaeology Theses

NORTHWEST ARCHAEOLOGY THESES AND DISSERTATIONS Universities are increasingly putting graduate theses online and available to the public.  This page collates links to theses and dissertations of interest for Northwest Coast and Northwest Interior archaeology.    Right now they are in … Continue reading

Thoughts on a WSU Archaeological Perspective

Washington State University (WSU) has one of the oldest and most notable programs in Northwestern North American archaeology, with pioneers such as Richard Daugherty and William Ackerman leading the way.  The WSU magazine has a nice interview with a number … Continue reading

Ancient Basketry from the Biderbost Site

The Biderbost site is on the Snoqualmie River near Seattle.   Since 1960, a series of excavations have revealed a remarkable set of artifacts made from organic materials, preserved because of the water-saturated, anaerobic conditions of deposition.  The Biderbost site … Continue reading

Cook Journal Illustrations from Oz

The Australian National Library has a nice set of the engraved illustrations for the journals of Captain Cook online.   Above is the famous 1778 image of life inside a large house at Yuquot (Friendly Cove) in Nootka Sound.  The image … Continue reading