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La Brea Woman: Image Controversy

I came across this interesting article chronicling an emerging controversy in Los Angeles.  I never knew that human remains had been found in the La Brea tar pits, but a partial skeleton of a young female had been on display … Continue reading

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Seward Peninsula Mastodon Tusk – “too old”, therefore Too Old.

This is getting a little out of the area, but I’ve just run across a report by Gelvin-Reymuller et al.  (download PDF) on the finding of a worked mammoth tusk from the north side of the Seward Peninsula.  That is … Continue reading

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Somenos Creek CRM

I don’t know too much about the Somenos Creek development in the Cowichan Valley which is discussed in this column in the Times-Colonist: The North Cowichan story goes back to 1972, when Schmidt was among the developers who bought 100 … Continue reading

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Mt. Rainier Archaeology

The Tacoma News-Tribune has a nice story about high-altitude archaeology on the flanks of Mt. Rainier.  Sites date back to over 9,500 cal.BP (presumably cal. BP, that is) and some include microblade technology.  If I read the article right, the … Continue reading

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I hereby challenge rockwash to go out and get one of these trowel tattoos.  Or be like Brad and get the coveted Ötzi tattoo.  Or check here for more science tattoo inspiration.  (Ötzi really did have tattoos, BTW).

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Paisley Cave Update

There is a tantalizing news item in a recent edition of Nature indicating that the team led by Dennis Jenkins has found a bone tool in the old layers at Paisley Cave in southern Oregon.  This cave already returned a … Continue reading

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Another snag for “Clovis First”

Abundant megafauna are important to the Clovis-First model of the peopling of the Americas because the mechanism for what was considered to be an exceptional event or series of events was overkill of these large, naive, critters .  Overkill led … Continue reading

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